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      Academic Scholarship

      Major awards may be made of up to £3000 per annum, minor scholarships of up to £1500 may be awarded. Award holders will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and discussions, some of which are reserved for the most able students. Scholars are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities provided by attending lectures given by visiting speakers and by participating in academic societies (link to 3.6 acad enrichment). The provision for academic scholars is currently under review and we hope to provide a more extensive programme of events in the near future. Award holders are expected to maintain a high academic standard and show leadership in the classroom.

      Sixth Form Academic Scholarship
      Assessments will take place on 7 and 8 November 2017.
      andidates must offer papers in three subjects. These need not be subjects they are planning to take at AS or IB; they should be the subjects in which they are most likely to perform exceptionally well. The papers will look for ability rather than knowledge and should not involve large quantities of revision. Candidates will be interviewed by the Heads of Department for the subjects which they have chosen. In addition, all candidates will be required to sit a general paper and will have a further interview with either the Headmistress or the Deputy Head.
      Candidates entering for the Academic Scholarship may also enter for one of the Art, Music or Sports Scholarships.
      Entrance forms must reach the School by 13 October 2017.
      See the link on the left for a copy of our Sixth Form Academic Scholarship Form.

      Junior Academic Scholarship
      11+ assessments will take place on 1 December 2017. (Entrance forms must reach the school by 1 November 2017.)

      Candidates will sit papers in English, Mathematics and Science. There will be further interviews and assessments, where girls will be required to use their general knowledge and ability to research. No revision is required for the further assessments.
      13+ assessments will take place between 29 January and 31 January 2018.

      In addition to the three compulsory subject papers, candidates will be offered the opportunity to display their knowledge in one other subject area of their choice. They may also request an interview to assess their ability in French.

      Candidates may also be entered for the All Rounder Award by completing two assessments in the areas of Music, Art, Drama and Sport. These assessments will take place alongside the individual scholarships for these skills and will take place over the same period.
      Entrance forms must reach the School by 1 December 2017.
      See the link on the left for a copy of our Scholarship Form.