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      Aldhelmsted East

      Aldhelmsted East, named after Saint Aldhelmsted who founded the Abbey, is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere. It is a happy and homely house and with its circular dining tables and a cosy drawing room, it does not take long before everyone knows each other and life-long friendships begin to flourish. With Shadows and 6th Form Mentors to guide them, new girls very quickly become part of the East family of 65 girls.

      East girls are caring, enthusiastic, resourceful and very supportive of each other. They are proud of their house and there is a strong house spirit which has resulted in much success in inter-house competitions. East girls are encouraged to have a ‘can-do’ approach to life and to believe that anything is possible if you are positive and persevere. East is located over the bridge.


      Housemistress - Mrs Debbie Miller

      Debbie has several years of experience as the mother of boarders. Her sons Sandy and Benj both currently attend Sherborne School whilst her daughter Ellie is also at Sherborne Girls. Debbie knows how important it is that boarding is a happy and positive experience, not just for the girls but also for the parents. She believes that everyone in East has the right to enjoy living in a supportive and caring environment and each girl should feel valued and proud to be in the house. Debbie took over as Housemistress of East in September 2015, having been at Sherborne Girls for six years, as Head of Food and Nutrition. 

      She has over 20 years of teaching experience, having worked in a variety of schools in London, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, and Somerset.  As the wife of an army officer, she has also had experience of teaching abroad in both Germany and Cyprus.






      Other staff in Aldhelmsted East

      Mrs Jenny Hinks is Assistant Housemistress and Ms Maria Paolozzi and Mrs Charlotte Rushworth are Day Matrons. Resident House Tutor is Miss Hollie Greenaway.

      East is renowned for its house spirit and now this is stronger than ever. We have a house that we can be really proud. We strive to create a positive family atmosphere where each girl feels that they are in a ‘home from home’. This has always been the spirit of East and I feel privileged to have taken over as Housemistress and intend to work hard to continue this special ethos.

      • House colour - Purple
      • House motto - Hoc tempus faciendum est - 'This is the time to do!'

      Aldhelmsted East

      Sherborne Girls
      Bradford Road
      DT9 6EB
      01935 818228

      For any queries relating to boarding house admissions, please email Admissions at or call 01935 818224