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      Aldhelmsted West

      For girls entering at 11 or 12, this purpose-built house accommodates approximately 50 pupils. Opened in May 2013, Aldhelmsted West has mainly 4-bedded ensuite rooms (each named after a flower) with plenty of study areas and various communal areas for relaxation and socialising. The girls enjoy a spacious, light and airy dining room which leads out onto a dedicated garden.

      West is the ideal stepping stone to our mixed-age houses, with all the leadership and competitive advantages to be found at the top of a preparatory school, combined with the specialist teaching and facilities of a major senior school.


      Housemistress - Mrs Hayley McIlvean

      Hayley has been the Housemistress in Aldhelmsted West since January 2010 and was an Assistant Housemistress in one of our mixed-age houses before then.

      Hayley has two grown up children, Tom and Hattie, and between them, they share Douglas, their lovely springer spaniel. Travelling is a great passion of Hayley's, with Australia and the Caribbean being her favourites. In the London 2012 Olympic Games she was delighted to be selected as a Games Maker, looking after all of the track and field athletes on 'Super Saturday' was definitely the most memorable moment from her Games Maker experience. 

      Hayley teaches PSHE, is the Co-ordinator of Co-curricular Sport and enjoys running the junior ski trip as well as outdoor adventure and cultural residential trips for the girls in West.

      Hayley encourages the girls of West to treat one another with respect while promoting the development of good self-esteem, perseverance, house spirit, social responsibility and a sense of fun. 

      "I thrive on the busy, caring, family-oriented environment of the house and I thoroughly enjoy the buzz and company of our hardworking, yet fun-loving girls!"



      Other staff in Aldhelmsted West

      Rebecca Tillin is West's Assistant Housemistress. Miss Alex Bird is West’s Resident Graduate Assistant and Mrs Charlie Rushworth is the Day Matron. Ms Chapman and Mrs Diggle-Perry are also members of the Duty House Staff team.


      What makes West special to the girls?

      The house is a very friendly, positive place, buzzing with life and after a busy week studying the girls can enjoy a huge variety of exciting weekend activities, from cake decorating, jewellery and ceramics workshops to ice skating, discos and parent functions. Maddie, Catherine and Tally (U4, 2014) said:

      Life in West is always warm and welcoming. It feels like home as soon as you step inside. The dorms are lovely and spacious with really comfy beds. The food is great and it's so fantastic to have a house dog! The atmosphere is like one big family, because everyone cares and looks out for each other. 

      • House colour - Pink
      • House motto - 'Not for oneself but for all'
      • House pet -  Douglas the springer spaniel

      Aldhelmsted West
      Sherborne Girls
      Bradford Road
      DT9 3QR

      01935 818381


      For any queries relating to boarding house admissions, please email or call 01935 818224