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      All-rounder Scholarship

      Assessments will take place in January 2018.

      Assessments for the All-rounder Award will take place alongside the assessments for the individual scholarships in January 2018. 

      At Sherborne, we celebrate All-round Excellence. The All-rounder Award takes into account ability in two areas of co-curricular skill (art, drama, music and sport) as well as considering academic potential. Where it is appropriate an All-rounder Award may cover the cost of individual tuition or training for one or more individual lesson per week.

      Any scholarship candidate can be assessed in a maximum of two skills (art, drama, music and sport); by doing so they will automatically be considered for the All-rounder award as well as the individual scholarships. Candidates will not be awarded more than one scholarship unless the circumstances are exceptional.

      All-rounder Awards of up to £3000 per annum may be awarded. Means-tested Bursaries can raise considerably the effective amount of an award.

      Students will undertake the same assessment as the candidates for the individual scholarships and may need to attend on more than one day. We recognise that an ‘All-rounder’ may not have reached the same level of performance but recent experience has shown that there are some very talented All-rounder candidates who have difficulty in selecting a speciality at 13+.

      Candidates will sit some academic assessments but the majority of these may have been completed at the pre-assessment. It is important that evidence of academic ability is sufficiently high that the All-rounder Scholar will be able to cope with a busy co-curricular programme. 

      Entrance forms must reach the School by 1 December 2017.


      Candidates should be entered for a maximum of two areas of skill from Music, Art, Drama and Sport and will be considered for the All-rounder award as a matter of course.

      Entrance forms must reach the School by 1 December 2017.