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      Aptitude Programme

      This programme is designed to help develop key skills to aid a student's ability to set goals, manage their time and study effectively. It is about adding to what students are doing already and to help them reflect on working habits and learn from each other.

      The framework focuses on:

      • Planning and organising
      • Working with class and housemates
      • Communication
      • Development & continual learning.

      A wide variety of workshops and presentations ensure that the programme is fast-paced and engaging. Speakers have included:

      • Chloe Mills - "Sixth Form Study Skills"
      • Dr Patrick Jordan - "Principles of Success"
      • Matt Dickinson - "The Everest Challenge"
      • James Righetti - "Study Sensei"
      • Dr Gill Oliver - "The Power of What we Think"
      • Adam Diprose - "Ace Your Exams".