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      Careers education begins in the Lower Fourth (Year 7) as part of the school's comprehensive PSHEE programme and continues throughout the girls' schooling. Most of the girls will complete the ‘Preview’ careers questionnaire and have an interview with an independent careers adviser to raise their awareness of potential careers and allow them to seek work experience or work shadowing as appropriate after GCSE exams.

      When the girls reach the sixth form, they will participate in a series of workshops called 'Bridging the Gap' which aim to guide them through the challenges they will face when applying for jobs in a competitive market. All candidates will be interviewed by an industry professional and provided with feedback. There is also the chance to compete for a much sought-after internship with a top London firm. We also offer a Careers Networking Service through our Old Girls Office; former students are regularly in touch to offer advice, training, work placements or job opportunities, and our Old Girls Office regularly arranges workshops and visits to Old Girls working in specific industries.

      If you have a query about careers advice in school, please email Mrs Utting via and she will be happy to help.