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      Dun Holme

      Our small and homely environment has a relaxed feel which helps build a hardworking, trusting and friendly community, that enables individuals to develop into accomplished young women. Baby blue (the house colour) reflects the youthful, playfulness the girls have with one another and which fills the girls with pride every time they wear it. Dun Holme is a house you can be assured that will help your daughter to reach and exceed her potential whilst learning important social and life skills. 

      Our bright and sunny house sleeps 55 girls and is situated near the main school buildings and is very close to the gym, squash courts and swimming pool. The relatively small number of pupils allows girls to get to know everyone well in their year group and within the house, and the girls enjoy the cohesiveness that this creates.


      Houseparents  - Mr Ryan and Mrs Hayley Garnsworthy

      Ryan and Hayley have a lot of experience to offer and love living in a house with the girls. Ryan has been Head of Lacrosse at Sherborne Girls for 4 years, and prior to his time in Sherborne he was a teacher of PE and Outdoor Education for ten years. Hayley, also a teacher, has joined Ryan at school full time and they are taking on the role of House Parents of Dun Holme together.

      They live together in the house with their young daughter Bessie, who loves having lots of big sisters to play with. 

      Other Staff

      Mrs Bethan Tucker is Assistant Housemistress and Mrs Claire Blocke and Mrs Caroline Wharfe are Day Matrons in the house. Miss Sofia Skowronska is Resident Graduate Assistant.


      What makes Dun Holme special to the girls?

      Dun Holme is more of a home than a house. Our girls, as well as visitors, have consistently said that there are always smiley and welcoming faces around every corner.

      Dun Holme quickly became a home away from home for me, everyone, new or old to the house are so comfortable around each other.

      Dun Holme is a family. It means no one gets left behind or forgotten about.

      I feel as though Dun Holme is a close knit family in the sense that we are always willing to help, and stick by each other, in the good and bad. Different years feel comfortable talking to each other and this is important for building closer relationships and seeing school life from another perspective. We have a variety of talents in Dun Holme including drama, sport, music, cooking and many others. As Head of House, I have the advantage of having a greater understanding of what is going on in different years and I can honestly say, that girls here are really concerned for the welfare of others.

      For any queries relating to boarding house admissions, please email or call 01935 818224