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      L6 Academic Enrichment

      This year we have designed a new course for L6 A Level students in order to broaden their academic experience irrespective of their subject choices and to incite them to discover or deepen their own academic interests. They will then be in a strong position to develop their ideas further in an EPQ or other another kind of study. Girls who study for the IB already have this kind of opportunity in their Theory of Knowledge course and in the Extended Essay completed in the Upper Sixth.

      We have divided the A Level girls into four groups, mixing them up so that different A Level combinations are included within each group. They will have five sets of weekly sessions, moving on to the next topic after four weeks. The five teachers have the freedom to adjust the content and scope of their courses to suit the interests of the groups as well as to reflect current affairs and their own special interests, loosely fitting into these categories:

      Science and Society with Dr Hopper

      The Arts and Society with Mrs Corran

      The Ancient World and Society with Mrs Allen

      Politics and Society with Mr Banks

      Study Skills, Research and Academic Referencing with Mrs Watts

      By the end of the Lent term, girls will have been exposed to ideas from subject areas that are unfamiliar to them and had a chance to discuss important topics and assimilate new knowledge without the constraints of an exam syllabus. Additionally, they will be better able to add depth and nuance to their own A Level work and will have gained confidence in the essential habits and academic protocols needed to complete a dissertation or research paper at university level.

      This course runs concurrently with Miss Brown’s new L6 PSHCE programme which is taught to the whole year group.