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      Examination results

      International Baccalaureate Results (2017)

      • 17 girls took the IB
      • Average point score was 35, well above global average
      • 100% of students passed with 12% scoring an outstanding 42 points or more.
      • One student achieved over 43 points out of 45 putting her in the top 5% in the world.
      • View 2017 IB results here

      Advanced Level Result (2017)

      • 16% of papers passed at A* grade
      • 47% of papers achieved A* or A grade
      • 74% of papers achieved A*/A or B grade
      • View 2017 A Level results here

      GCSE Results (2017)

      • 33% of papers passed at A*
      • 66% of papers passed at A*/A
      • 89% achieved A*-B
      • 100% of girls achieved 5 or more I/GCSEs
      • 50% of girls achieved 8 A*/A grades
      • View 2017 GCSE results here

      Performance Tables

      Full details of the results at SG can be found on this website.  We are transparent about our results, being proud of the academic achievements of our girls.  Please be mindful of the following information if you are viewing performance tables.


      GCSE Performance

      At Sherborne Girls pupils sit iGCSE examinations in English and maths which are not recognised in performance tables, therefore values quoted for A*A at GCSE are misleading.   In addition, we will not feature in some other statistics such as:

      • percentage of pupils obtaining at least 5 A*-C grades (or equivalent 9-1) including English and maths,

      • percentage of pupils obtaining the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) (grade C or better in English, maths, the sciences, a language and geography or history

      A Level and IB Performance

      At Sherborne Girls we offer two sixth form programmes: A levels or the International Baccalaureate.  Performance tables may vary – some may be ‘A level only’ and others ‘A Level or equivalent’, which includes our IB results.  Our A*/A or IB equivalent is 49.8% for 2017.