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      How academically selective is Sherborne Girls?

      We are interested in recruiting girls who are keen to participate in all that is on offer, who want to become part of our thriving community and who really enjoy their academic work. We take the reference from the present school very seriously and believe that excellent exam results emerge from a broad-based, all-round education. All our students achieve sixth form grades which enable them to move on to good universities. As a guide, 55% average is the minimum expected for those sitting Common Entrance. Pupils not prepared for Common Entrance sit our own entrance papers. Some pupils enter via scholarships.

      Can I join in the Sixth Form?

      Usually about 20 girls join the sixth form each year. Offers are based on predicted GCSE/IGCSE grades but candidates can also sit our scholarships.

      How early do I need to register for a place at Sherborne Girls?

      We would advise registering at least two years in advance of entry. Lists at 13+ get booked up by a year in advance although some places do become available late in the process. At 11+ and 16+ there is more fluidity.

      Is there any assistance with fees?

      Sherborne Girls offers scholarships at 11+ 13+ and 16+ in a range of subjects and means-tested bursaries throughout the school which are worth up to 100% of fees.

      Is there a sibling discount on fees?

      There is a sibling discount for the third child of 10% and the fourth 15%. This operates across Sherborne Girls, Sherborne School and Sherborne Prep.

      Is there a military discount on fees?

      As a full boarding school we have a number of military families. Please contact the Bursar to discuss the possibility of a bursary.

      What happens at the weekend?

      Weekends are very busy and many activities take place. Students are expected to participate in matches, social activities and Abbey services.

      What percentage of overseas students is there at Sherborne Girls?

      Sherborne Girls has a global community of girls and we celebrate the diversity on occasions such as International Week. There are 10% overseas nationals from 20 different countries and 7% British ex-pat families.

      How many day girls are there?

      Sherborne Girls is a full-boarding  community with 5% day girls who are well integrated into the boarding houses and can stay overnight on occasions (a small charge is made).

      What links are there with Sherborne School?

      We believe that girls learn better in a single sex environment but we are lucky to have Sherborne School as a close neighbour which enables some joint music and drama and a few shared lessons in the sixth form. Weekends are packed with a huge array of joint social events from ‘Rock Soc’ to house dinners and film trips.

      What are the nearest transport links?

      Sherborne has a direct train to London Waterloo. At the beginning and end of term there is a coach to Heathrow.

      Is there any provision for learning support?

      A number of students receive individual learning support and it may be a condition of entry. The cost of lessons is in addition to the fees.

      Is there any provision for English as an Additional Language?

      Students for whom English is their second language will be required to receive individual EAL support. The cost of lessons is in addition to the fees.