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      Registration fee and deposit

      The registration fee is currently £100 and the deposit £1000 (for UK citizens). Both are subject to annual review by the Governors. The registration fee is non-refundable. The deposit is credited to the pupil’s final account and is refundable in the event that we are unable to offer the candidate a place. Should the candidate be withdrawn, this sum will not be refunded, with the exception of exceptional medical or compassionate grounds, subject to individual circumstances.

      School fees

      From September 2016 the fees per term are as follows:

      Years 9 - 13 (Lower 5 through to Upper 6)

      Boarding Fee  (per term)

      £11,100 Day Boarding Fee £8,100 Day Fee


       Years 7 and 8 (Lower and Upper 4)
      Boarding Fee (per term) £8,950 Day Fee £6,580

      For more information on the new fee options of Boarding, Day Boarding or Day, please click here.

      Music fees

      The standard charge for music tuition is £29.00 per 40 minute lesson, £15 per group session.

      Further information on Fees and Extras can be found in our Information Booklet.

      Learning support and EAL

      Extra tuition may be provided for pupils requiring learning support or English as an Additional Language. The charge for such tuition, for 45 minute sessions, is £26.30 for an individual lesson, £18.40 in pairs or £14.70 for groups of 3 or more. Parents will be advised if such tuition is required.

      Parents will be informed of the costs of individual assessments where these are necessary or requested.

      Off campus trips

      Off campus trips will be charged on an individual basis.