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      By joining the Friends of Sherborne Girls, you will help us develop a community of goodwill in support of the school. A diverse range of events will be offered to the Friends of Sherborne Girls, such as book signings, wine tasting evenings, inspirational lectures and concerts. These occasions will provide you with the opportunity to socialise and make helpful contacts, whilst at the same time strengthen the community that surrounds the life of Sherborne Girls. A wide range of people are eligible to join the 'Friends', including parents of girls - both old and new, Old Girls, staff - both past and present, business associates, local residents and indeed anyone with a positive interest in the school.

      No subscription fee is required and all you need to do to become a Friend of Sherborne Girls is to subscribe to our mailing list. To save costs and conserve the environment, our preferred method of correspondence will be via email.

      We look forward to seeing you at future events.