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      Health and Wellbeing

      The health centre is fully equipped and staffed to deal with acute and chronic medical conditions, and to offer pupils help and advice on all aspects of their personal, emotional and physical health care needs. It also offers a comprehensive travel health service and can organise and administer all necessary travel vaccinations during the school term.

      The health centre is staffed permanently during term-time by a team of qualified nurses and the school medical officer, Dr Charles Middle. There is also a registered counsellor who works Monday to Friday.

      Surgeries are held every weekday morning from 8am, but a doctor can be contacted at all times. If girls wish to see a female doctor, arrangements can be easily made with a local surgery. The local hospital has a minor injuries unit and the district hospital is just five miles away.

      All new pupils will be required to complete a confidential health questionnaire, consent, physiotherapy and doctor’s registration form prior to admission.

      The Health Centre
      Sherborne Girls
      Bradford Road
      DT9 3AA
      01935 818216



      All medical information about pupils is confidential, regardless of their age. Consultations with the school counselor are similarly confidential. On occasions, it may be necessary for the health centre staff or the counsellor to pass on information to parents, housemaster, housemistress or other staff where the safety of a pupil or of other pupils might be compromised, or where there is a statutory duty to report. Wherever possible, information is only passed on with the pupil’s consent. The school doctor and nurses have professional obligations with regards to confidentiality. In accordance with these, medical details about pupils, regardless of age, will remain confidential. However, we recognise that in providing care we do have to liaise with parents/guardians, house matrons and academic staff and pass on information where appropriate. Ideally, this will be with the pupil’s prior consent, but there may be rare occasions when the school doctor or nurse considers that it is in the pupil’s better interests, or necessary for the protection of the wider school community, to divulge relevant information.