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      Sherborne Girls welcomes applicants from overseas. The school is run as a full boarding school, with 95% of the students being full boarders. There is a full programme of weekend activities and a member of staff designated to look after the needs of the international pupils. Currently, around 10% of pupils are British expatriates and about 10% are foreign nationals.


      Registration is the first stage of the admissions process and shows that parents are interested in a place for their daughter at Sherborne Girls. Parents complete the registration form, pay a non-returnable fee, and thus secure a place for their daughter on the list. Parents are very welcome to visit the school before registration but this may not always be possible for international students.

      Entry procedures

      Candidates for whom English is their first language will be required to sit the normal entrance tests. (See the pages on entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+)

      If English is not the candidate's first language and due to the wide differences in educational provision, we require the majority of candidates to take the UKiset battery of online tests which has been introduced by Gabbitas, the leading British educational consultancy. The tests will be organised in the candidate’s own country, or in the UK if it is more convenient. Details of the tests can be found at UKiset

      Unless a candidate is already registered, parents should inform the Admissions Office that they want their daughter to be considered for entry to Sherborne Girls before registering for the UKiset tests. If she has already taken the tests, they should inform UKiset that they want her results to be sent to Sherborne Girls. Please note that success in the UKiset pre-test will not necessarily lead to the offer of a place at Sherborne Girls and applicants may also be asked to sit additional papers, particularly for sixth form entry.

      Candidates who are at schools in the UK are exempted from the pre-test if they can provide evidence that they have the appropriate English language skills.

      Pupils for whom English is a second language may be recommended for English support through one-to-one lessons each week to assist their learning. Please see fees for details of these costs. For an EAL candidate, we recommend that their level of English should be certified by one of the following:

      • Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) at A or B grade

      For the sixth-form entry we recommend:

      • IGCSE ESOL at A or B grade (for the sixth form)
      • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) at least level 5.5

      Offer and acceptance of a place at Sherborne Girls

      Offers are made throughout the year with regard to availability of space. Places will be offered on the basis of merit. If offered a place at Sherborne Girls, a deposit is requested which is a full term’s fees for non-EU families. Payment of the deposit and completion of the parent contract form guarantees the place. A New Girls' pack will then be forwarded with all the information needed for the start of term.

      Tier 4 visas

      If a child has a UK or European Union passport, they will not require a visa to study in the UK. If a child does not have either a UK or EU passport, even if they live in the UK, they may require a Tier 4 visa. Please check a non-UK or non-EU passport carefully to see whether they have RIGHT OF ABODE in the UK.

      If a child lives outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and does not have either a UK or EU passport, then you will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa for your child to study at Sherborne Girls.

      Parents of a child who lives overseas should check the UK Visas website for information. Parents of a child with foreign nationality who lives in the UK should check the UK Border Agency website for information

      Parents must ensure that their child is in possession of a valid visa before the start of the child’s first term. Parents must also ensure that their child’s passport and visa are renewed as required. More information and advice on the process is available on the UK Border Agency website

      A child intending to study at Sherborne Girls should apply under Tier 4 child student category.


      If you do not live in the UK, your daughter will need a guardian to act on her behalf and represent her interests.  It may be necessary for your daughter to stay with her guardian for some Exeats and holidays if she is unable to return home.  The School is not in a position to recommend agencies or individuals.