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      International Baccalaureate

      Girls in the Sixth Form may opt to study for the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an alternative to A Levels. IB Diploma pupils are required to study six subjects. These must include one from each of the following groups:
      •     English
      •     Foreign Languages
      •     Individuals and Societies (eg History, Geography)
      •     Sciences
      •     Mathematics or Mathematical Studies
      •     Arts
      There is also a core of activity, comprising an Extended Esaay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). Of the six subjects, at least three must be at Higher Level (HL) and a maximum three at Standard Level (SL). If you wish to specialise, you can do so by choosing not to study a subject from group 6 (Arts) and instead choose a second subject from groups 2, 3 or 4. For example if you want to study Medicine, you will want to study both Chemistry and Biology in group 4; you can do this by electing not to use group 6 and instead select Biology and Chemistry from group 4.

      A maximum of 7 points is awared for each subject. A score of 6 or 7 is generally considered to equate to a grade A or A* at A Level. In addition, up to 3 points are awarded for the combined performances in the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components. No points are given for CAS, althouh this, along with EE and TOK must be satisfactorily completed for the award to be made.

      You can see our latest IB results here and more information is available in our online Guide to the Sixth Form


      For further discussion, please contact IB Co-ordinator Mr David Banks via