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      Latest Updates

      June update


      The design team has now completed workshops, reviews, and detailed design to the stage before construction, that is to say the drawings are being reviewed by the four short-list contractors. Interior design concepts have been discussed with the Girls Task Force (a group of girls across year groups and different houses) to ensure that the main-users, our girls, have had an input to the finishes and practical issues for the spaces in the new building.

      Site services and preparation for build

      At the school site, investigations to allow for service diversions (water, gas, electrical power and drainage) have been completed, with plans laid for all works required to allow the bulk dig to commence soonest after Commem. 

      The bursary car-park and tennis courts, which is where the bulk of the building will sit, have been 'red-lined' to show where the rim of the excavations will be, and from this area about 6,500 cubic metres of spoil will be excavated. A large 26 tonne excavator which will carry this out, plus other works to create three more tennis courts, arrived on site with a police escort on 15 June. It is one of only two machines of its type which has a fully computerised satellite auto-drive which will work with a 3D model of the site to excavate with great accuracy.

      A new electricity substation near White Lodge is sitting (humming quietly) ready for use after being installed early June. This will be the main electrical supply for the new music school building. Trenches to take the electrical cables to supply the site for temporary contractors’ power supply plus work to the remaining new tennis courts commences week of 19 June. This will include the new haul road access, the cable trenches and the levelling the ground for the three new courts - one of which will be a temporary contractors’ car park from 6 July. 


      Site fencing and hoarding will also be in place from 19 June in some areas associated with the works above.

      Other events

      The consultants to the team have been pleased to support a 'women in engineering day' at the school by sending 4 female engineers of various disciplines to talk to pupils.

      July update

      Overall Project Status

      Major works have involved co-ordination of gas, electric, water, excavation, sports field works, hoarding, diversions and replacement with new services, plus ground source drilling. Some additional temporary accesses to the Arts and Music building has also been installed.

      Bulk dig works have proceeded quicker than anticipated and the current groundworker has been tasked to complete extra works of demolition and complete the surface water attenuation tank. 

      The new tennis courts will be complete on 16 August but the curing of the tarmac will prevent their use and painting for 3 weeks to 7 September.

      The sports fields are being ‘reshaped’ and the intention is to have the fields completed with seeding by mid-September.