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      Lower 5

      The Lower 5 curriculum remains broad, but with some choice, to ensure all girls are able to start to make decisions about their interests and develop subject specific skills at a much higher level.

      All girls study English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Classical Studies, Religious Studies, two foreign languages, a full programme of creative subjects (including include Art, Design Technology, Drama, Food Technology, Music and Textiles), PE, Games and PSHEE.

      The language options include French, German, Spanish and Mandarin for girls with some prior learning.

      This is all packaged within our unique Intermediate Diploma portfolio, which provides the opportunity to focus on individual learning styles, encouraging girls to explore their academic interests and fuel an intellectual curiosity as well as academic achievement and assessments. Further information about the curriculum and diploma can be found in our Lower Fifth Curriculum publication.


      For further discussion, please contact the Head of Lower 5 Mrs Gema Carvia-Ruiz via