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      Naming Opportunities

      Naming a room is a wonderful way of recognising generosity. It will also give our new Arts Centre character and will remind future generations of the importance of philanthropy. For each room, we will liaise with the donor on the message for their door plaque.

      Please see below for a list of available rooms or alternatively, please click on the following links for floor plans:

      Site Plan

      Lower Level

      Upper Level

      If you would like to name any of the available rooms do please get in touch by emailing

      The Music School Upper Floor

      Upper Foyer  £200,000 Available
      Library £25,000 Available
      Practice rooms £20,000 3 rooms left

      The Music School Lower Floor

      Lower Foyer £150,000 Available
      Teaching studio


      2 rooms left
      Practice rooms £20,000 6 rooms left

      Drama Centre

      Main drama studio £250,000 Available
      Drama studio 2 £100,000 Available
      Teaching studios £50,000 2 available
      Dressing rooms £20,000 4 available
      Lobby £20,000 Available
      Offices £15,000 2 available
      Props room £5,000 Available


      The Terrace £25,000 Allocated
      The Sculpture Court £25,000 Allocated