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      Name a Room

      In addition to the amounts and ways of giving illustrated on the online form, there are also opportunities to name a room.

      Naming a room is a wonderful way of recognising generosity. It will give our new Arts Centre character and will remind future generations of the importance of philanthropy.

      Rooms still available include:

      The Music School - Upper Floor

      Upper Foyer £200,000
      Library £25,000
      Practice Room £20,000

      The Music School - Lower Floor

      Lower Foyer £150,000
      Teaching Studio £40,000
      Practice Room £20,000

      Drama Centre

      Main Drama Studio £250,000
      Drama Studio 2 £100,000
      Teaching Studio £50,000
      Dressing Room £20,000
      Lobby £20,000
      Offices £15,000
      Props Room £5,000