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      Other ways to help

      At times the school needs the help of volunteers to run special events and to provide other forms of support. We would love to hear from you if you are willing to lend a hand with the following and are prepared to have your name added to our Volunteers’ List:

      •          Setting up and running a bar or refreshment stalls

      •          Event management

      •          Venue decoration, from concept design to artwork and flower arranging

      •          Events set-up/lifting and shifting

      •          Live music (of all kinds)

      •          Proof reading

      •          Professional auctioneering

      •          Catering (from cakes to canapés).


      Meeting as many members of the school community as possible is our aim, but we need to do this as cost-effectively as possible. We are therefore seeking free or subsidised venues across the country, particularly in London, in which to hold small and large events:

      •          Small briefings and meetings

      •          Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

      •          Black tie dinners and functions.

      Venues in other areas of the world, including Hong Kong, the Middle East, Canada and the USA would also be useful. If you can offer a venue (by arrangement) please do get in touch.

      Gifts in Kind

      Your or your company may be able to provide something you produce that the school needs at reduced or no cost. A previous donor gave all the carpets for one building, saving the school a significant amount. If you spot an opportunity please get in touch. We are pleased to acknowledge gifts in kind sponsors to the same level as we acknowledge donors of financial gifts.

      Corporate Sponsorship

      Events are expensive to put on and publications are costly to produce and mail. If you or your company, in return for agreed exposure, is willing to sponsor a whole event, or an element of an event such as the flowers, printed materials or a dinner course etc., or to sponsor design and print or any other aspect of the Development programme, then please get in touch.