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      Partnership with Sherborne School

      Both Sherborne Girls and Sherborne School are committed to the idea that academic education at senior school level (especially in the 13 -16 year age range) is best carried out in a single-sex environment.
      However what sets these schools apart from many others, is the willingness to co-operate and collaborate on issues of clear benefit to pupils, staff and parents. The sharing of timetables, dates, events and facilities all contribute to the sense of teamwork and common purpose. There are opportunities for boys and girls to meet and mix with their contemporaries through music-making, joint societies and other cultural and academic events, drama groups and social activities.

      In the Sixth Form, joint teaching of certain subjects provides greater choice, and also the stimulus and intellectual challenge that teaching in a mixed group can provide. Staff also benefit from increased opportunities to meet and discuss with colleagues from the other schools matters of mutual interest and concern. Below the Sixth Form, however, the governors are committed to single-sex teaching.