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      Personalised learning

      Sherborne Girls is not a school where one size fits all. Some of the options we have for helping each individual flourish are outlined here.

      Gifted and Talented

      It is not only Scholars and Exhibitioners who are involved in events for Gifted and Talented girls; any girl who is performing outstandingly well in the classroom or in baseline tests may be included on the register.

      Events are generally organised on a year group basis and often involve collaboration with other schools of our Sherborne academic community, including Sherborne School, Sherborne Preparatory School, Sherborne International and The Gryphon School. Potential students of medicine and Oxbridge candidates have a firm programme of preparation in place, including visits and mentoring. There are ample opportunities for both discussion and for interview practice, with a high point for the Upper Sixth being the joint Sherborne Schools’ interview evening each November.

      Native languages and pupils with advanced proficiency

      As an IB World school, we are committed to helping girls continue with a language in which they are already proficient, if we can. This might involve special conversation lessons, or small group or individual teaching on a paying basis. Native speakers may be entered for examination without tuition.

      For the minority of girls for whom English is a second language, individual tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL) is available on a paying basis.

      Support for students with learning difficulties

      High expectations and an ethos of encouragement in the school as a whole are the backdrop against which our specialist professionals operate.

      We can provide initial individual assessments in house, and if necessary arrange assessments with an educational psychologist. Tailored support lessons are timetabled weekly, and individual education plans are shared with all staff.

      Learning to Lead

      Energetic girls who want to make a practical contribution to the school community should look to the Learning to Lead programme. Coached by staff, they are taken through the stages of planning, negotiating and executing initiatives which matter to them.