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      The Appeal

      The Target

      The school has invested very significantly in development over the last decade, so we are going to need help to make this wonderful new centre a reality.

      We need to raise £2.5m. This is by far the biggest fundraising challenge the school has ever undertaken.


      We have now received formal written planning approval and are delighted to be going live with the public phase of our appeal requesting donations. Thank you to our pioneer donors who have already donated or pledged over £1.75m. We are over two thirds of the way there!If you would like to make a donation online, please click here, or alternatively, you can download a pdf version of the form here which we would be grateful if you could complete and return to the Development Office.

      Thank you for your support. Together we can shape the future!


      Gift Aid and time

      The Sherborne Girls Foundation is a registered charity, so we qualify for Gift Aid.  We are also organising the cash flow so that donors can spread their giving over time – up to four years. Do have a look at our example.

      Why not try out our Tax Calculator to see how Gift Aid boosts your donation and reduces the net cost to you.