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      The Scholarships and Bursaries Fund

      As a leading girls' boarding school, our objective is to attract exceptionally able girls and enable them to achieve their full potential while inspiring other students. This fund is used to top up scholarships with means-tested bursaries so that we can accept talented girls whatever their families' means. 

      This scheme is open to all, including daughters and granddaughters of Sherborne Old Girls and local applicants.

      Scholarships are now worth a maximum 15% fee discount and recognise and support excellence in Sport, Music, Art, Academic or All-rounder.

      A large capital investment is required to generate support for even one bursary. One of the school’s main priorities is to grow this fund by almost £1 million over the next decade to £1.25 million by 2024, when the School will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Legacy gifts are particularly well suited to supporting The Scholarships & Bursaries Fund and we welcome all new legacy pledges.

      If you would like to receive more information please email