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      The Torchbearers

      The prize is a fair one, and the hope great.

      The school emblem features a torch, which represents the ancient Greek ‘Lampadedromia’ or ‘torch race’. The race challenged the youth of Athens to run a relay through the city to the Acropolis with each team bearing a lit torch. The winning team was the first to arrive at the finish without letting the torch go out. This legendary race of torchbearers, which embodies the values of strength, endurance, teamwork and individual responsibility, gave rise to the Olympic flame and in turn inspired the school motto (above) and torch badge, originally the school's before being adopted by Sherborne Old Girls. These values still underpin Sherborne Girls today.

      Those who choose to leave a gift in their Will to the school are our 'Torchbearers', passing on the light of an excellent boarding education to future generations of girls. Torchbearers are invited to join The Torchbearers' Society, led by Old Girl and former School Governor Jane Reekie (Mrs Nicholson) E'59.

      By way of lifetime thanks, our 'Torchbearers' will receive a torch pin badge and a special candleholder. An annual lunch for Torchbearers and their guests is foremost among invitations to a range of special school events including Candlemas.