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      Transport and Travel

      Since we are predominantly a boarding school, we do not operate any travel services to and from school from the surrounding areas for our day girls; we ask that parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring girls travel to and from school safely. When girls need to travel at exeats and holidays, we have a number of arrangements in place.

      The week before exeats and holidays, we display a train list in houses and each house matron will organise the purchase of tickets of the girls. There is a scheduled train to London, and younger girls will be escorted to the station by a member of staff and accompanied on the train journey.

      For girls travelling elsewhere in the country, we use Hounslow Travel Services for bus and taxi transport, the cost of which will be added to a girl’s account. Current routes include Blandford, Bournemouth, Bristol, Gatwick and Heathrow airports, Chichester, Ringwood, Southampton and Wimborne.

      At the beginning and end of each term, we have a supervised coach service to Heathrow, which is timed to suit the flight times of the majority of the girls travelling.