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      At Sherborne Girls we are very proud of our bespoke tutoring system. Each house has a team of academic tutors, drawn from the teaching staff. They liaise with the housemistress or housemaster who has overall responsibility for the girls in his or her care. This ensures that communication is strong and house spirit even stronger! The tutor’s role will vary from person to person but the central essence of the role, however, is a subtle blend of facilitator and instructor, 'mentor' and 'friend' and is a role that offers the immense reward.   

      The tutor’s aim is to ensure that each girl fulfils her potential, not just in examination results but in terms of her personal qualities. This involves getting to know the girl and encouraging her interests, monitoring her academic progress, advising on study skills, time management, career and higher education aspirations, and helping her in making choices. 

      Each girl will have the benefit of these tailor-made tutorials on a regular basis where she will also be encouraged to think about wider issues within the community and the world in general. Tutorials happen all over the school whether in a classroom, a house drawing room or over a cup of hot chocolate at the Coffee Pod in the Sports Centre or in a tea shop in Sherborne. The girls value this individual care and attention immensely and the tutor along will the house staff becomes a very important member of the pupil's experience at Sherborne Girls.