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      Our school is organised around a traditional boarding house system of seven houses each providing a caring and relaxing home for between 45 and 80 girls. Each house is run by  teaching house parents, supported by a house team comprising a day matron, resident tutor, and two non-resident tutors. The majority of the house tutors are teachers, who are able to support the girls' academic, as well as pastoral, needs. Further help with pastoral care and supervision is provided by personal academic tutors, gap students and/or resident graduate assistants.

      All our houses have their own catering and domestic staff and all meals are taken in houses. Girls love the strong family bond within the houses and enjoy the closeness of being in smaller friendship groups in the evenings.

      Day girls are fully integrated into our house system and, as far as possible, are given similar facilities to the boarders. Day girls are always welcome to stay overnight or for short periods by arrangement with the housemistresses, but usually go home from 6pm onwards depending on their commitments. Day girls are encouraged to take a full part in the life of the school, including weekend and social activities.

      Our Deputy Head, Ben Gudgeon, is responsible for marking sure that the school maintains its excellent standard of pastoral care as attested to by our most recent inspection. Supported by the Director of Boarding, Bex Brown, he works closely with the house staff and offers support to staff and girls within the school as a whole.

      House Age Housemistress/Master
      Aldhelmsted West Junior House 11 - 13 Mrs Hayley Vanstone
      Aldhelmsted East Mixed Age House 13 - 17 Mrs Debbie Miller
      Dun Holme Mixed Age House 13 - 17 Mr Ryan and Mrs Hayley Garnsworthy
      Kenelm Mixed Age House 13 - 17 Mrs Fran Barnes
      Reader Harris Mixed Age House 13 - 17 Mr Jon and Mrs Susan Hammond
      Wingfield Digby Mixed Age House 13 - 17 Mr Oliver and Mrs Katie McManus
      Mulliner Upper Sixth House 17 - 18 Miss Caitlin Howell Evans