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      Drama Scholarship

      Assessments will take place between 29 January and 31 January 2017.

      This is a new award from 2016 and is only be open to candidates entering at 13+

      Awards of up to £3000 may be awarded per annum. Means-tested Bursaries can raise considerably the effective amount of an award. A Drama award will cover the cost of individual drama tuition for one LAMDA lesson per week.

      Candidates for the Drama Scholarship will be expected to take part in both a group workshop where their creative directorial ideas and ability to communicate well with other girls in small independent groups will be assessed. They should also prepare a short section of a published script (lasting no longer than two minutes) which they will perform. Considerable importance will be placed on the candidate’s natural ability – their understanding of the character they are playing and the truthfulness of their interpretation for the monologue and their improvisational skills in the workshop.

      Candidates will also be interviewed by a member of staff to discuss their understanding and interest in drama as a wider subject. They should be prepared to discuss any recent performances they have taken part in and any recent productions they have seen, either professional or amateur.

      Please note the Drama Scholarship can also be awarded for technical theatre or stage management. Girls interested in applying for this would still need to take part in the group workshop but would substitute the solo performance for a discussion of their previous experience in technical theatre/stage management. If they feel a portfolio of evidence would support them in this, they would be welcome to bring one. Technical Award Holders would be expected to help with the lighting, sound or stage management for all the school productions each year, including some examination work.

      Candidates will sit academic assessments, the majority of which may be covered within the pre-assessment.

      Award holders will have the opportunity to audition for a number of productions each year as well as take LAMDA lessons as a solo, duo or group. They will be expected to be good ambassadors for Drama around the school taking an active part in House Drama and taking every opportunity offered to visit the theatre in order to broaden their practical knowledge of the subject. Drama scholars normally find it beneficial to opt to study Drama at GCSE.

      Entrance forms must reach the School by 1 December 2017.