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Careers Networking Services

Careers Networking Services

Sherborne Old Girls offers practical advice and help to a growing number of young OGs as they leave School and university. We reach out to our alumnae who may be able to offer them advice, work experience and opportunities.

The support offered by Old Girls to each other and current pupils is wonderful and we are enormously grateful to everyone who has helped with this service. It is a testament to the strong sense of community that we all share. Please do join our networking programme, Sherborne Girls Connect, where Old Girls worldwide can connect with each other from a wide range of professions.

Helping Sherborne Girls

We are always delighted to receive the help Old Girls can give back to school, such as attending the annual networking event for sixth formers or at a careers fair. If you would like to find out more please contact the Secretary, Fiona James

Upcoming Events

SOG Graduate Evenings

Sherborne Old Girls at Graduate Evening eventThese evenings are aimed for recent leavers where young Old Girls can meet other alumnae who are working in a particular sector and receive constructive advice on:

  • CVs
  • Interview skills
  • Career management
  • Workplace skills

These evening have also proved to be a positive forum where alumnae and current pupils can chat in an informal setting to each other. The feedback from these events has been very positive from both those seeking advice and those established in their careers.

I have found the coaching really useful and my coach has been exceptional in helping me with my internship applications. Mark was great in really helping me to highlight my personal strengths about me and teaching me how to articulate these strengths in a way which helped me to best stand out. I am so grateful for the opportunity..

Emily Summerhayes (WD’17)

My coach has been a pleasure to work with, he’s very engaging and open. Thanks to him I feel more liberated and confident in my career choices. As such I am grateful for my coach and Sherborne Old Girls for this opportunity..

Amelie Jannoe (RH’13)

The coaching programme was really fantastic, and the coach has been wonderful at making me step back and revaluate what is important, and where I need to focus. He’s a great person and I feel I learnt so much. I cannot thank you enough!.

Kate Scott-Underdown (W’02)

SOG Professional Events

We also host a range of events each year, often in conjunction with the Old Shirburnian Society, for those hoping to work in sectors such as media, property, law, the City and others. If we do not already hold an event in your sector of business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always looking for Old Girls who are willing to share their experiences of professional life to help younger Old Girls. To become a mentor, please complete the form in the link on the left. If you are able to offer a venue to host a career event for a particular sector, or even host a visit to your company, we would also be delighted to hear from you.