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Sherborne Old Girls

Sherborne Old Girls

We have over 5,000 members worldwide, supporting a dynamic network of Old Girls and promoting the vital links between Old Girls and Sherborne Girls.

We hope you enjoy keeping in touch through our web pages, bringing you information on events, reunions and networking opportunities, news and photo galleries. We hope that the website is both of practical help to Old Girls as well as being of interest to those just wishing to browse.

We have launched Sherborne Girls Connect which is a platform where you can re-connect with SOGs.

Sherborne Girls Connect

Careers Events & Services

We are committed to supporting our Old Girls at all stages of life and wherever you may be. We have a Careers Service and have held a number of career-focused events ranging from:

  • AI, IT and All Things Digital
  • Finance
  • Law
  • The Media

We also run a Careers Coaching Programme to fully support Old Girls both starting out on their careers and those wishing to return to the workplace after taking a break.

Other Events

We run a series of events and reunions starting with visits to universities through to 40 and 50 year reunions.

Please do get in touch with the SOG Secretary, Fiona James, if we can be of help in any way. 

It is always such a pleasure to meet Old Girls, who are such a dynamic part of our Sherborne Girls Community.

You can also join us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn and you can view our photos on Flickr.