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A picture can paint a thousand words…

A picture can paint a thousand words…
Co-Curricular Enrichment

As part of Sherborne Girls’ Lecture Series, the school was very excited to welcome Anita Corbin, photographer and creative director, who gave a talk about her ‘First Women UK’ exhibition. This stunning collection of photographs captures portraits of 100 First Women – extraordinary women who have been the first to achieve a landmark in their chosen field.

They range from the first female speaker of the House of Commons to the first female professional beatboxer, taking in the Grand National, mine clearing, sheepdog training, science and technology, the Man Booker Prize and many others on the way.

At a packed school hall, Anita Corbin explained:

“These women are our trailblazers. They follow in the footsteps of generations of women and men fighting for equality to show us what can be done if we challenge ourselves and the society we live in.

“Ten years ago I had a powerful vision. I knew I had to create a body of work unlike anything I’d seen before. I wanted to celebrate women who have pushed boundaries to achieve their dreams in their own field. I wanted to tell their story, and I wanted it to be seen as a celebration of 100 years of female suffrage.

“I want to share their inspiration with as many people as I possibly can. These stories can open up the aspirations of the next generation, and capture what can be achieved when strong people dare to say yes to their dreams.”

Dr Ruth Sullivan, Headmistress, added what an honour it was to have Anita speaking at school:

“Anita has captured the empowerment, determination and resilience of these successful women across a huge range of careers, sport and business. What a fabulously visual way to show our own girls what can be achieved. It was truly inspirational – the photography is simply stunning.”

The First Women exhibition will tour the country (currently in Newmarket) and there is a limited edition book, creating a lasting legacy of this iconic collection of women. Full details of the exhibition can be found here

Susie Quatro photo credit: Anita Corbin


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A picture can paint a thousand words…