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Face coverings and raising funds for charity

Face coverings and raising funds for charity
Community Links Adventure and Leadership

Sixth Former Aggy has spent the past couple of weeks making face coverings for charity.

Aggy write ‘I decided to make the masks around three weeks ago because one of my hobbies is to make clothes and then when my mum asked me to make her one, I thought it may be a good idea to sell them.’

When Aggy’s summer holiday plans volunteering in Cambodia with Projects Abroad were put on hold, she still wanted to do something for the charity. She continues ‘so far I've probably made £150, which is so good! I wasn’t sure if it would be successful. I didn't know how to make them when I started, but I made my own pattern and measurements. I soon found that it wasn't very difficult when I researched pattern shapes online’.

Despite not going on the trip, Aggy's fundraising will go towards the charity who work with young children helping to teach them English.

Aggy concludes ‘It is such a shame we can't go but I'm happy I'm still doing something for the people we would have helped’.

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Face coverings and raising funds for charity