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Final Chemistry Symposium of the year

Final Chemistry Symposium of the year
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On Monday 11 November, the final Chemistry Symposium of the calendar year took place at Sherborne Girls.  Over 100 Sixth Form Chemistry students from Sherborne Girls, Sherborne School, Millfield, Kings’ Bruton, Leweston and Clayesmore came together to give a total of five diverse, interesting and informative presentations.

Sherborne girls Alice. F and Ella. P gave a frank and insightful presentation on the chemical reactions involved in the Vaping process and the serious and often overlooked, health risks associated with this alternative to smoking. The remaining lectures covered a range of subjects from ‘The Development and Uses of bioplastics?’ to the chemistry of Photography and how the process of developing photographs has changed over the last century.

At the end of each presentation, there was an opportunity for questions and the evening finished with an informal chance for students to talk together and reflect on the presentations.

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Final Chemistry Symposium of the year