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Science Live

Science Live
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On Tuesday 4 February, we went to the Bath Forum to attend the GCSE Science Live day. When we first arrived, Professor Robert Winston gave a very fascinating talk about IVF and gynecological microsurgery. He spoke much about the ethical problems society faces with modern transgenetic technology, as well as his work in the medical field.

Next, Dr Simon Singh, who has written books such as, ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ spoke about how the universe was formed, including Georges Lemaitre’s Big Bang theory. Following this, Dr Helen Czerski, a physicist and oceanographer, spoke about ocean bubbles and their influence on the atmosphere. She spoke about climate change as well as her experiments in the Atlantic Ocean compared with the North Pole.

Professor Alice Roberts, a biological anthropologist, and anatomist gave a very engaging lecture on the evolution of dogs and how they have become domesticized. After lunch, Stewart Chenery, a GCSE examiner gave some very helpful tips about exam technique. He described to us what examiners are looking for as well as giving out revision advice as we approach our exams this summer.

Lastly, Professor Dave Cliff, a computer scientist, gave an inspiring talk about the opportunities in the technological field and its unpredictability. He invented a trading algorithm and is responsible for creating some automated prosthetic limbs. He now describes his field as unpredictable in the modern-day. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed and valued the trip to Science Live and brought back many useful exam tips and some further insights into different fields of science.


Cayla. D, U5


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